When any info is uploaded to a shared website hosting account or downloaded from it, some traffic is generated which is a feature that each hosting plan includes. It's moreover one of the characteristics you have to take a look at, because the amount of website traffic allowance you'll need depends upon what exactly you need the account for. The web site traffic is mainly generated by downloads including web site visits. Essentially, whenever somebody visits your site, the webpages are downloaded from the server to his or her computer system and they're afterwards shown by their web browser. It's also important to be aware that uploads matter too, and whenever you transfer bigger files from your laptop or computer to the server, some site traffic will be generated too. Different suppliers can have different names for this feature, like traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet all of them refer to the same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info generated for some period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting

The monthly web site traffic quota for all of our shared website hosting plans is enough for every website. If you have a personal blog, a discussion board or eCommerce portal, how much data can be transferred to and from your account or hitting some modest allowance cap will never be a reason for your websites to be unavailable. In addition, we generate comprehensive web site traffic data, so that you'll be able to monitor the amount of data is being downloaded all of the time. The hourly, daily and monthly figures will inform you on how your websites are doing, what type of files produce most of the site traffic and much more advantageous info which can help you manage the web sites and your account as a whole. The stats can be reached with just a couple of mouse-clicks from the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The monthly web site traffic feature of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages is limitless, or as a number of companies define it, unmetered. In fact, we keep track of the amount of uploaded and downloaded content for each account, yet we will never set any limit, so your web sites can grow and receive more targeted traffic. We supply you with elaborate information what's going on in the account so as to give you an opportunity to handle your websites better and to be informed on how they function. You are able to view the traffic generated by each website plus the most frequently downloaded webpage or file. The stats are hourly, daily and monthly. In the continually evolving internet world, you're able to have many new visitors with just a single advertising campaign, therefore by supplying a truly unlimited plan, we will guarantee that you will not lose clients due to the fact that your account cannot handle the site traffic.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting

Taking into account how powerful all of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages are, the data transfer that you will get each month will be sufficient for any kind of web site whatever the amount of its visitors, even if you supply file or image hosting. You will get an allowance of terabytes of traffic each and every month and as you won't share the server with anyone else, that allowance will be supplied only for your sites and web applications. We'll inform you the moment you reach 90% of your allowance therefore you will be able to react and either optimize your web sites to lessen the site traffic they generate, or increase the limit. It is highly unlikely that you'll ever need more than what we will offer you, however we will not limit the development of your web sites, so we leave the chance to add additional website traffic open. The dedicated server plans feature a control panel where you'll be able to see the amount of site traffic has been generated so far for the current month and the amount that is left until you get to the limit. Considering the fact that these figures contain software installations and updates, they are more clear as compared to numerous hosting Control Panel statistics that include just the traffic made by sites.